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With the excitement around Star Wars Visions and the anticipated problems around international shipping towards the end of the year, we are offering a very special pre-order for our new flat blades. This order will be just the blades with crackle details on the flat of the blade. The crackle allows extra light to come through to give special contrast along the body of the blade.

The blades are made out of a special mixed polycarbonate clear plastic. They have tremendous strength and are resilient to contact. Despite the blade durability, we do not recommend these for heavy dueling. The way that the blades connect to the adaptor and then insert into the handle is not suitably safe for a dueling environment.

Important Note: The flat blades will only work with the Knuckles, xpBoost, Power Up, and BonusXP emitters. If you have any other saber the flat blades WILL NOT WORK.

Quick Details
Blade Material:  Polycarbonate flat blade
Size of blade:  33 inches long
Color: Clear plastic with black to focus light to the edge, crackle pattern blade emphasis
Double Edge Blade: Straight two edged blade with a blunted tip. Similar to the blade of a Jian.
Katana Blade: Slightly curved single edged blade styled after the Daito with the tanto style tip.
Sabre: Slightly curved single edge blade styled after a cavalry saber with rounded tip.

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Double Edge, Katana, Sabre


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