Level Up Sabers is streaming lightsaber combat instruction. Our curriculum was built by professional martial artists focusing on exactly what you need to build your own lightsaber fighting style. Maybe you’re trying to lend authenticity to your cosplay. Maybe you want an interesting workout to do with your friends. Maybe you’re a parent and you want to help your kids work on focus with the coolest toys in the galaxy. Level Up Sabers is built for you to get exactly what you need from your lightsaber training in an adaptable system with instruction from experienced martial artists.
My name is Alan, I am one of the founders here at Level Up Sabers. I became a martial artist in 1993 and became a star wars fan sometime before that. I have imagined myself in lightsaber duels since I was old enough to hold a wrapping paper tube. I got to work with some very talented people to make this site a reality. We worked hard specifically designing the material so you can use it to craft a lightsaber style of your own. The system inside this website is a series of drills, exercises and material for you to practice. That material will teach you about the geometry of combat. To help you get physically comfortable with the way that striking and positioning work together.This site allows you to make your training your own. You can see all the material from a high level view, examine all the pieces of the curriculum, then start where you feel best. Or you can start with the very first video and move through the curriculum one piece at a time. I don’t know how you learn best. So rather than dictate it to you, we want to give you the freedom to learn the best way for you. There’s not a wrong way. We organized a way we recommend, but you are free to approach it the best way you learn. How you choose to train is up to you, but we wanted to put it at your fingertips.

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