• Rainbow Saber Deal


    For pride this year we want to make it as easy as possible for anyone that wants to have a rainbow lightsaber in their hands.

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    This is a special gold edition of the Power Up handle. It comes equipped with the New Xeno3 Pixel electronics that are loaded with features (this is our only electronics that will do a rainbow blade).

    This electronics can’t currently do a light blue, white, or pink blade. But the day is coming.

    Anyone that has a problem getting a lightsaber from a company that supports pride is invited to get their sabers elsewhere now and in future.

    Each Xenopixel Mystery Box contains: 

    • One saber handle (The Power Up in a special gold color)
    • One neopixel blade
    • Hardware and instructions
  • The Cruiser


    The Cruiser is Pre-Order is ready. With the news of the Galactic Cruiser making it’s final voyage, I’m launching this saber a little early. It’s the same size as the xpBoost and makes for an excellent saber for dueling or spinning. It comes in the unique dark gold color named Gilt that we haven’t had on the site since the Power Up was first introduced. Pre-Order sabers you can select color and blade length and sabers will come included with an heavy dueling blade upgrade.

    I have the goal of attending Star Wars Celebration in Tokyo with my family. I had hoped that a year or two after it might be possible to take them to the Galactic Star Cruiser. It was going to be difficult. I was going to need to have some things go right. I was going to need to have the saber shop continue to grow. It looks like that particular dream might be over. I don’t know how big the sales would need to be for me to consider spending some of the gains on myself instead of on my kids. But I’m shooting my shot.

    Pre-Order Pricing ends June 1st.
    Orders estimated to begin shipment June 10th.

    Package includes: saber handle, hardware, charging cable, blade, MicroSD card, and USB microSD card reader


    • Xeno Configurator app compatibility
    • MicroSD card with 34 sound fonts and ability to add additional
    • Heavy dueling (Xenopixel electronics not recommended for dueling)
    • Button push color change
    • Gesture Ignition
    • Blaster deflect sound trigger
    • Lock up sound and visual effect
    • Flash on clash visual effect
    • In hilt recharge
  • Master Alan Boost


    Only 66 available for a limited time! Featuring the new Xeno3-RGB electronics (compatible with the Xeno Configurator app)

    The Master Alan Boost is the preferred training saber of the limited edition Friendly Neighborhood Master Alan.

    The Master Alan Boost Contains:

  • New Vision


    With all the Star Wars shows, stories, and content more new sabers have been added to people’s wishlists than ever. Visions provided stunning stories with unique saber concepts and this marks our first. The stunning and unique saber of the character Lop can sit in your collection or a complete a cosplay today.