• The Student (Ben Solo)


    This hilt will complete the cosplay of a student before the fall to the dark side and the fracturing of their kyber crystal.

    This is one of our new replica sabers in our Saga line. Our Saga hilts are all now available in base lit (RGB) or Xenopixel configurations. Our base lit sabers come standard with 9 sound fonts, color change, and basic blade effects. The LED in our base lit saber is a 12 Watt Red, Green, and Blue LED under the lens. Baselit sabers ship with a medium grade blade in your selected length. Our Xenopixel sabers come with a 50 Watt neopixel blade in the length you select. Xenopixel sabers are not recommended for dueling.

    Saga Sabers come with: an acrylic stand, a blade, blade plug, rechargeable lithium battery, a battery charger, all necessary hardware, and the customer support you’ve come to expect from the Level Up crew.