• The Mentor (Kenobi)


    When we first saw this saber our words were “Hello there.” This hilt will complete cosplays for many eras.

    This is a thin neck saber. Thin neck sabers are well suited to the authentic look for a cosplay. And they can be used for spinning as well as light dueling. The thin neck can be a structural weakness under heavy or repeated contact. We do not recommend our thin neck sabers for dueling.

    This is one of our new replica sabers in our Saga line. Our Saga hilts all come standard equipped with the same Leveled Up electronics you’ve come to expect from all of our sabers. The saber also comes with an acrylic stand, blade plug, a saber blade, rechargeable lithium battery, a battery charger, all necessary hardware, and the customer support you’ve come to expect from the Level Up crew.