Medium Grade Blades



Our medium grade saber blades have a wall thickness of 2 mm. They are ready for impact and fully durable. Medium Grade blades have a cone tip and a cellophane insert (our blades have the plastic film insert to help carry light evenly through the blade). Whether you’d like to carry spare blades for events or you want to customize different lengths, we have blades ready to ship.

Quick Details
Blade Material:  Polycarbonate

Outer Diameter: 1 inch Outer Diameter
Longest Length of Blade: 36.2 inches long
Shortest Length of Blade: 24 inches long
Wall Thickness: 2 mm



Additional information

Blade length

24 inch (61 cm), 26 inch (66 cm), 28 inch (71 cm), 30 inch (76.2 cm), 32 inch (81.28 cm), 34 inch (86.36 cm), 36 inch (91.44 cm)


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