The Dragon



The Dragon is the most elaborate saber we’ve put on the site. The highlight of this saber is the rotating crystal inside the exposed crystal chamber. A detailed saber with control box, exposed crystal chamber, and several elements from other canon sabers. This saber is not modeled after any one canon saber. It is entirely unique, like a dragon. And it is waiting for a jedi or sith to make it their own. This is one of the finest display sabers on the site and also an excellent cosplay piece. Make sure you share your OC with The Dragon to our social media pages.

Available Only in Pixel at this time

Wall Display Package

  • Saber Handle
  • Blade
  • Wall Clip
  • Hardware and Charging Cable

Shelf Display Package

  • Saber Handle
  • Blade
  • Hardware and Charging Cable
  • Acrylic Stand
  • Blade Plug
  • Full Size 2mm Hex Key
Quick Details
Hilt Material: Aluminium alloy 6063
Blade Material:  Polycarbonate blade
Size of hilt:  12 in
Color of hilt:  White
Battery:  3000Mah 18650 3.7V safety battery
Battery Safety System:  Over load system, Over discharge system
Speaker:  2-3Watts,4/8 ohm 
Xeno3 Pixel Electronics:
LED Light:  50 Watts RGB Neopixel Strip inside blade
Color of blade:  Infinite color customization
Size of blade:  1 inch outer diameter (3mm wall thickness)
Pre-loaded Sound Fonts: The Chosen, New Horizon, The Dark Sword, The Assassin, The Knight, Wanderer, The Protector, The Dark Empress, The Son, The Third Hunter, The Master, The Dark Lord, Magenta, The Princess, Double Agent, Truly Lost, Wraith, The Senate, Redeemed, Bounty, The Count, Codex of Light, Cyber Terror, Dark Ages, Hatred, Idyll, Serenity, The Champion, the Dark Lord Revisited, The Learner, The Second, The Teacher, Whispers of Power, Moon Field. Plus the ability to load additional fonts.
For fun, Cosplay, gift, Lightsaber Training, Sport, Swordsmanship
Features:  Light dueling, blaster deflect, lock up, flash on clash, multiple sound fonts, rechargeable battery
Special Features: Ghost Blade, Rainbow Blade, Blaster Blade, Several blade ignite and shut down animations, Xeno Configurator App compatible!

Additional information

Blade length

24 inch (61 cm), 26 inch (66 cm), 28 inch (71 cm), 30 inch (76.2 cm), 32 inch (81.28 cm), 34 inch (86.36 cm), 36 inch (91.44 cm)


Shelf Display, Wall Display