• Getting Started

    3 Lessons

      This introductory section comprises solo instruction; none of this material requires a training partner. Most of the lessons can be done in a small space.

    • Third Circle

      8 Lessons

        Now that you have learned the fundamentals, you are prepared to study the choreographed curriculum. The Third Circle material comprises five scripted duels: four Encounters and one Showdown. These forms are designed to teach you about timing, spacing, and basic counterattacks.

      • The Second Circle

        7 Lessons

          From this point on, there will be no more repetitive forms. Encounters in the subsequent Circles will assume you’re very comfortable with the Third Circle skills and begin to build on that foundation. You’ll be introduced to new counterattacks and new ways to use the counterattacks you have already learned.

        • The First Circle

          6 Lessons

            At this advanced level of the curriculum, the material will focus mostly on precise timing. The duels have fewer moves, but also less margin for error. The Encounters and Showdown of the First Circle are constructed so that you may focus on timing without memorizing a long sequence.

          • The Inner Circle

            1 Lesson

              Congratulations. You have made it to the most advanced level of the basic curriculum. Previous Encounters and Showdowns focused on two-handed use of the weapon against an opponent with a similar fighting style. The Inner Circle builds upon the core principles of using your weapon as a lever and of strategic positioning. At this level, you gain exposure to dual weapons, longer weapons, and a variety of more sophisticated skills.

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