• Rage Knight


    The Rage Knight is available only in Xenopixel electronics.

    The Rage Knight is the iconic fractured crystal saber with vented sides struggling to contain the chaotic crystal. The Rage Knight saber is carefully detailed to capture the needs of anyone cosplaying or displaying this iconic saber.

    We do not recommend this saber for dueling.

  • Valor


    The Valor is the first High Republic inspired saber from Level Up Sabers, we guarantee it’s better than a stick.

    The side blades for the guard are made of solid polycarbonate to give a look more similar to depictions in the new media. The guard holders can fold up or down depending on your desired aesthetic.

    For Light and Life!

  • Night Forged Lightsaber


    The Night Forged is the only cross guard saber currently available on our site, but this saber has all the customization you need for training and cosplay. (Friendly Neighborhood Master Alan also recommends this one for those training younglings, where extra hand protection is convenient).


    • Heavy dueling (xenopixel not recommended for dueling)
    • Button push color change
    • Blaster deflect sound trigger
    • Lock up sound and visual effect
    • Flash on clash visual effect
    • Multiple sound fonts
    • In hilt recharge