• Throwback Special


    Save 10% with coupon code “ZIAWTF” Ends December 3rd.
    If I said this special mystery box was only about nostalgia and not about the pettiness it would not be the truth. The Throwback Special is a modified 99 dueling box. It will include one of the recommended dueling sabers and a t-shirt with the 2016 Level Up Lightsaber Logo.

    You have two options with this special mystery box saber. I have a limited number of 2016 Level Up Lightsaber shirts from the very first site launch. They are white shirts with black print (entirely out of stock). These will be able to ship immediately and are guaranteed for the holidays.

    There is a very limited run of black t-shirts (yellow printed logo) being made just for this special. There is a lot of unpredictability in supply chains right now. I’m doing everything in my power to make sure the shirts are here in time to ship, but this carries the risk and I want to be transparent about that. All of these shirts will be available on Back Order and will be fulfilled immediately when the shirt order arrives. The faster you order, the faster your order will ship out.

  • Double Saber Mystery Box


    The Double Saber Box contains two Level Up sabers ready for dueling out of the box. The sabers in the Double Saber Box are specifically selected so you and a friend can unbox and duel the same day. As an added bonus the sabers in this mystery box are also guaranteed to be ready to connect as a staff with no additional parts required.

    The Double Saber Mystery Box is guaranteed to Include two sabers from this list (It cannot be guaranteed that the sabers will match color or style):

  • Mini-Menace


    Important Note: Choosing a blade length other than 28″ or 36″ can delay preparation of your order. 

    The Mini-Menace is a double bladed saber design where you ignite both emitters simultaneously. The aesthetic is a scaled down version of The Menace. One button controls ignition and color change on both blades. This is an excellent saber for cosplay or training where you need the two sides to coordinate. This is also the shortest possible handle for a double bladed saber from our site.

    If you aren’t sure what length for your Xenopixel saber, we recommend 28″ blades


  • Better Than A Brick (BTAB)


    The only saber from Level Up Sabers guaranteed Better Than A Brick. The BTAB is inspired from the various properties from the universe made of bricks. With all the shape and details of the Brick-verse, durable enough for dueling, and guaranteed better than a stick (or a brick).

  • The Multi Tool


    The lightsaber of Ga’Lee Ah Beq, the inventor, cracker, and lock breaker for the crew of the <redacted>. Ga’Lee Ah Beq grew up in a hidden workshop on the planet <redacted> under the control of <redacted> (along with several other force sensitive children). When a jedi and their padawan kick off a series of events that lead to Ga’Lee Ah Beq and the others in the laboratory escaping to their freedom. Ga’Lee eventually ended up in employ of Salara and her complex espionage network. With his trusty droid UV-16, a bag full of gadgets, and his Multi-Tool no obstruction can keep Ga’Lee Ah Beq contained for long.

    Level Up Sabers has launched a Star Wars themed table top game! Featuring some of your favorite creators, each character will have a unique saber. Any purchase of those sabers goes to support those creators.

  • Fang


    Level Up Sabers is glad to introduce Fang. This is the newest of our Persona Sabers. All of the persona sabers have details or features that make them stand out. Some, like Fang, are excellent dueling sabers that also look elegant and striking.

    The Fang is a gorgeous saber for cosplay, display, and training.


    • Heavy dueling (Xenopixel electronics not recommended for dueling)
    • Button push color change
    • Blaster deflect sound trigger
    • Lock up sound and visual effect
    • Flash on clash visual effect
    • Multiple sound fonts
    • In hilt recharge
  • Budget Snips Saber


    A great budget option for a similar look and feel to the double sabers of our favorite Togruta. In addition to being more wallet friendly these sabers are much more suited to impacts, while still having unique detailing.

    Pre-Order pricing will extend all