The Youngling


The Youngling is an excellent saber for early lightsaber users. A lighter handled and blade, but still packed with the most important features. It has the durability to stand up to sabers marketed to that same age group. Without posing the same risks to household objects as other Level Up Sabers.

Package includes: saber handle, hardware, charging cable, and blade.


  • Light Dueling
  • Button push color change
  • Blaster deflect sound trigger
  • Lock up sound and visual effect
  • Flash on clash visual effect
  • In hilt recharge
Quick Details
Hilt Material: Plastic
Blade Material:  Polycarbonate blade
Size of hilt:  8 inches total length
Color of hilt:  Silver
Battery:  3000Mah 18650 3.7V safety battery
Battery Safety System:  Over load system, Over discharge system
Speaker:  2-3Watts,4/8 ohm 
Xeno3-RGB Electronics (Base Lit):
LED Light:  12 Watts RGB LED inside hilt
Color of blade:  Infinite color customization
Sound Fonts:  The Chosen, New Horizon, The Dark Sword, The Assassin, Rage Knight, Wanderer, The Protector, The Dark Empress, The Son, The Third Hunter, The Master, The Dark Lord, Magenta, The Princess, Double Agent, Truly Lost, Wraith, The Senate, Redeemed, Bounty, The Count, Codex of Light, Cyber Terror, Dark Ages, Hatred, Idyll, Serenity, The Champion, The Dark Lord Revisited, The Learner, The Second Sister, Teacher, Whispers of Power, Moon Field
Features: Blaster Deflect, Blade Lock Up, Flash On Clash, Motion Control, Mute, Xeno Configurator App Compatible
For fun, Cosplay, gift, Lightsaber Training, Sport, Swordsmanship


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