Double Blade Baselit Core



Newest RGB Baselit electronics for all Level Up Sabers.double bladed sabers (like The Mini Menace or Slanty McStabby). Full color change, 13 sound fonts, Volume control, Motion activation, and the ability to disable flash on clash.

If you want to upgrade your saber electronics, or want to have guts that are better than a stick to do some DIY, this part will take good care of you.

Quick Details
Wiring Sled Material: High Temp resistant polycarbonate
Dimensions: 25.4 mm Outer Diameter, 195 mm length
Color of plastic chassis: varies
Battery:  3000Mah 18650 3.7V safety battery
LED: 12 Watt RGB LED 
Speaker:  2-3Watts, 4/8 ohm
Sound Fonts: Darth Sidious, Leia, Kylo Ren, Dark Saber, Kenobi, Cal Kestis, Darth Vader, Count Dooku, Rey Skywalker, Second Sister, Dark Ages

Additional information

Plug Type

Round Plug, USB-C Plug