Xeno3 Pixel Electronics Core



Newest Xenopixel electronics for all Level Up Sabers single bladed sabers. Full color change, 40+ sound fonts, Volume control, Motion activation, and so many more features.

If you want to upgrade your saber electronics, or want to have guts that are better than a stick to do some DIY, this part will take good care of you.

Neopixel Blade not included

Wiring Sled Material: High Temp resistant polycarbonate
Dimensions: 25.4 mm Outer Diameter, 185 mm length
Color of plastic chassis: varies
Speaker:  2-3Watts, 4/8 ohm


  • Multiple Blade Ignition modes
  • Gesture Ignition
  • Smooth Swing
  • Tip Drag
  • Volume control and mute
  • Complex blade effects: Rainbow Blade, Candy Blade, Blaster Blade, Ghost Blade, Fire Blade, and more
  • 40 or more sound fonts
  • Micro SD card and adaptor (to do deeper customization)

Additional information

Plug Type

Round Plug, USB-C Plug