Pole Arm Adaptor

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Three saber components packaged together to creator an extender or pole arm adaptor. This kit is a double sided connector, an emitter from our xpBoost saber, and a 1 1/2 inch extension piece (found in our xpBoost and Bruiser handles).

This kit is intended to be used one of two ways.

Pole arm adaptor: to make a saber pike or other pole arm, you connect this adaptor to a 1 inch outer diameter haft. There are two holes for screws in the emitter piece and one hole in the extension piece. This allows you to affix the adaptor securely. Next you would connect your saber directly to the adaptor in order to make your pole arm. Different screws are appropriate for different haft materials so we do not provide specific screws.

Handle extension: Any of these pieces can connect to extend a saber handle. Including connecting the entire length to the bottom of a saber to add roughly 5 inches of additional handle length.

Compatible Sabers: xpBoost, BonusXP, Dark Shroud, Origin, Power Up, Hope, Infinity, Knuckles, Mini Menace, Bruiser, Phantom, Night Forged, and the Chamber.

Quick Details
Hilt Material: Aluminium alloy 6063
Total Length:  5 1/4 Inches
Haft Pocket: 5 inches
Inner Diameter: accommodates a 1 inch outer diameter haft
Color of parts:  Black