• Sticker: Standard Horizontal


    vinyl sticker featuring the standard horizontal logo

  • Sticker: Round Horizontal


    vinyl sticker featuring the round horizontal logo

  • Sticker: Standard Upright


    vinyl sticker featuring the standard vertical logo

  • Plastic Scally Pin


    The new plastic scally pin.

    Reminder: The pin ships with a plastic film to protect the pin in transit. Make sure to peel the film.

  • SWAG Pack


    The Scally Pin and all 5 Level Up Sabers vinyl stickers in one awesome SWAG Pack

  • Sticker Pack


    Get all 5 of the Level Up Stickers in one package!

  • Throwback T-Shirt


    There is a very limited run of black t-shirts (yellow printed logo) being made just for this special. There is a lot of unpredictability in supply chains right now. I’m doing everything in my power to make sure the shirts are here in time to ship, but this carries the risk and I want to be transparent about that. All of these shirts will be available on Back Order and will be fulfilled immediately when the shirt order arrives. The faster you order, the faster your order will ship out.

  • Eclipse Sheath


    The eclipse sheath is a mix of opaque and clear plastics, plus windows cut into the sheath to allow light to show through. The sheath has an attached D-Ring swivel that works easily with our belt clip.

  • Budget Snips Saber


    A great budget option for a similar look and feel to the double sabers of our favorite Togruta. In addition to being more wallet friendly these sabers are much more suited to impacts, while still having unique detailing.


  • Blade Plug


    Blade plugs are an excellent accessory for a saber collector. A blade plug is excellent for a display saber to keep dust from accumulating inside the emitter. Many people also appreciate being able to wear their saber in cosplay with a blade plug. It diffuses the brightness of the light for when sabers ignite unexpected. Also protects the lens of the LED or control pins on a xenopixel.

  • Round End Cap


    I started making this endcap available to students when the Origin went live. I found that it made a more comfortable grip for some of my students and so now it reaches all of you.

  • Spare Hardware Bag


    The screws are small and stainless steel, so sometimes when you drop one, they disappear into the world between worlds. And you just need a replacement. The spare hardware bag contains:

    • 2 mm Hex key
    • 2 short tension screws
    • 2 long tension screws
  • The Multi Tool


    The lightsaber of Ga’Lee Ah Beq, the inventor, cracker, and lock breaker for the crew of the <redacted>. Ga’Lee Ah Beq grew up in a hidden workshop on the planet <redacted> under the control of <redacted> (along with several other force sensitive children). When a jedi and their padawan kick off a series of events that lead to Ga’Lee Ah Beq and the others in the laboratory escaping to their freedom. Ga’Lee eventually ended up in employ of Salara and her complex espionage network. With his trusty droid UV-16, a bag full of gadgets, and his Multi-Tool no obstruction can keep Ga’Lee Ah Beq contained for long.

    Level Up Sabers has launched a Star Wars themed table top game! Featuring some of your favorite creators, each character will have a unique saber. Any purchase of those sabers goes to support those creators.

  • Rage Knight


    The Rage Knight is available only in Xenopixel electronics.

    The Rage Knight is the iconic fractured crystal saber with vented sides struggling to contain the chaotic crystal. The Rage Knight saber is carefully detailed to capture the needs of anyone cosplaying or displaying this iconic saber.

    We do not recommend this saber for dueling.

  • Empress


    The Empress is inspired by the vision of Empress Palpatine, the dark side in Rey Skywalker made manifst. The saber will fold out and latch as a staff. Each side is operated by a different button so it can be used with each side individually or both as a staff. It can be used with both blades equipped or a single blade.

    This saber will ship with the handle, two blades, a display stand, two blade plugs, a charging cable, and instructions.


  • Unleashed


    The saber of the legendary student of Darth Vader 
    (Legendary, as in legends, it’s a play on words that’s supposed to subtly let you know that I’m a Star Wars fan that’s been in the fandom a long time without resorting to an anecdote that no one wants to read. Like do people even pay attention to this part of the page?)

    Neopixel Option! For the first time Level Up Lightsaber is offering a neopixel option. The xenopixel gives you all of the best features expected of neopixel sabers. A microSD card on the board allows quick customization of blade effects and sounds, including uploading custom sound fonts. The Level Up Xenopixel comes pre-loaded with over 20 sound fonts, plus unique blade effects that only neopixel sabers can replicate, including the flame blade and the full spectrum rainbow blade. Like any neopixel, the Level Up Xenopixel is not suited for dueling, but for saber spinners and cosplayers the ability to customize is unparalleled.

    RGB Baselit Features: 

    • Heavy dueling
    • Button push color change
    • Blaster deflect sound trigger
    • Lock up sound and visual effect
    • Flash on clash visual effect
    • Multiple sound fonts
    • In hilt recharge

    Xenopixel  Features: 

    • Button push color change
    • Gesture controls
    • Blaster deflect sound trigger
    • Lock up sound and visual effect
    • Flash on clash visual effect
    • Multiple sound fonts
    • Upload Custom Sound Fonts
    • In hilt recharge
    • Upload custom blade effects