• Darksaber


    Ordinarily you must earn this blade in combat to become the Mand’alor. But that was a long time ago in a place far away. Now, you just have to want it. We do not recommend our Dark saber for heavy dueling, but we are very pleased with the durability of the flat blade and it’s ability to carry light and complete the look for any cosplay from Vizsla to Bo Katan to Djarin (with maybe a stop somewhere along the way for Darth Maul, Sabine Wren, or even Moff Gideon).

    Important Note: To make the Darksaber both durable and have a feel more authentic in hand changes needed to be made to the battery and electronics layout. Most Level Up sabers you can expect 4 hours or run time on a full charge. For this Darksaber it is much more common to expect 1 hour of run time from a single charge.


    • Light and Medium impact resilient
    • Button push color change
    • Blaster deflect sound trigger
    • Lock up sound and visual effect
    • Flash on clash visual effect
    • Multiple sound fonts
    • In hilt recharge
  • Pole Arm Adaptor


    Three saber components packaged together to creator an extender or pole arm adaptor. This kit is a double sided connector, an emitter from our xpBoost saber, and a 1 1/2 inch extension piece (found in our xpBoost and Bruiser handles).

    This kit is intended to be used one of two ways.

    Pole arm adaptor: to make a saber pike or other pole arm, you connect this adaptor to a 1 inch outer diameter haft. There are two holes for screws in the emitter piece and one hole in the extension piece. This allows you to affix the adaptor securely. Next you would connect your saber directly to the adaptor in order to make your pole arm. Different screws are appropriate for different haft materials so we do not provide specific screws.

    Handle extension: Any of these pieces can connect to extend a saber handle. Including connecting the entire length to the bottom of a saber to add roughly 5 inches of additional handle length.

    Compatible Sabers: xpBoost, BonusXP, Dark Shroud, Origin, Power Up, Hope, Infinity, Knuckles, Mini Menace, Bruiser, Phantom, Night Forged, and the Chamber.

  • Origin


    In honor of Level Up Sabers attending The Origins Game Fair in Columbus Ohio we introduce The Origin saber. This marks our second saber available in Red. It is also our first in Purple, Blue, or Green. This product will be physically available at the convention. Online it will be available for pre-order until after the end of the convention. If there is any surplus inventory after the convention all pre-ordered sabers will be shipped first.

    This saber has a rounded endcap. You will need a double sided connector to connect this to another saber as a staff.

    We cannot predict which colors will be most popular at the convention. Inventory quantities will be updated after the convention. Orders placed before the convention will receive priority.

  • Round End Cap


    I started making this endcap available to students when the Origin went live. I found that it made a more comfortable grip for some of my students and so now it reaches all of you.

  • Better Than A Brick (BTAB)


    The only saber from Level Up Sabers guaranteed Better Than A Brick. The BTAB is inspired from the various properties from the universe made of bricks. With all the shape and details of the Brick-verse, durable enough for dueling, and guaranteed better than a stick (or a brick).

  • Ronin


    This much awaited saber has found it’s way to Level Up sabers. A much requested saber from the first season of Visions! The Ronin saber does not come with a sheath, but it comes with everything else.

  • Xeno3 Pixel Electronics Core


    Newest Xenopixel electronics for all Level Up Sabers single bladed sabers. Full color change, 40+ sound fonts, Volume control, Motion activation, and so many more features.

    If you want to upgrade your saber electronics, or want to have guts that are better than a stick to do some DIY, this part will take good care of you.

    Neopixel Blade not included

  • The Cruiser


    The Cruiser is Pre-Order is ready. With the news of the Galactic Cruiser making it’s final voyage, I’m launching this saber a little early. It’s the same size as the xpBoost and makes for an excellent saber for dueling or spinning. It comes in the unique dark gold color named Gilt that we haven’t had on the site since the Power Up was first introduced. Pre-Order sabers you can select color and blade length and sabers will come included with an heavy dueling blade upgrade.

    I have the goal of attending Star Wars Celebration in Tokyo with my family. I had hoped that a year or two after it might be possible to take them to the Galactic Star Cruiser. It was going to be difficult. I was going to need to have some things go right. I was going to need to have the saber shop continue to grow. It looks like that particular dream might be over. I don’t know how big the sales would need to be for me to consider spending some of the gains on myself instead of on my kids. But I’m shooting my shot.

    Pre-Order Pricing ends June 1st.
    Orders estimated to begin shipment June 10th.

    Package includes: saber handle, hardware, charging cable, blade, MicroSD card, and USB microSD card reader


    • Xeno Configurator app compatibility
    • MicroSD card with 34 sound fonts and ability to add additional
    • Heavy dueling (Xenopixel electronics not recommended for dueling)
    • Button push color change
    • Gesture Ignition
    • Blaster deflect sound trigger
    • Lock up sound and visual effect
    • Flash on clash visual effect
    • In hilt recharge
  • The Dark Father (Vader)


    The perfect hilt to complete a dark shogun cosplay. You know the kind of person that would carry this, we don’t have to tell you.

    This is one of our new replica sabers in our Saga line. Our Saga hilts are all now available in base lit (RGB) or Xenopixel configurations. Our base lit sabers come standard with 9 sound fonts, color change, and basic blade effects. The LED in our base lit saber is a 12 Watt Red, Green, and Blue LED under the lens. Baselit sabers ship with a medium grade blade in your selected length. Our Xenopixel sabers come with a 50 Watt neopixel blade in the length you select. Xenopixel sabers are not recommended for dueling.

    Saga Sabers come with: an acrylic stand, a blade, blade plug, rechargeable lithium battery, a battery charger, all necessary hardware, and the customer support you’ve come to expect from the Level Up crew.

  • Spare Hardware Bag


    The screws are small and stainless steel, so sometimes when you drop one, they disappear into the world between worlds. And you just need a replacement. The spare hardware bag contains:

    • 2 mm Hex key
    • 2 short tension screws
    • 2 long tension screws
  • The General (Leia)


    We are excited and proud to carry the legacy of this saber a design fit for a princess or a general.

    This is a thin neck saber. Thin neck sabbers are well suited to the authentic look for a cosplay. And they can be used for spinning as well as light dueling. The thin neck can be a structural weakness under heavy or repeated contact. We do not recommend our thin neck sabers for dueling.

    This is one of our new replica sabers in our Saga line. Our Saga hilts all come standard equipped with the same bright RGB LED you’ve come to expect from our training sabers. Each hilt has 34 sound fonts to choose from. Saber comes with an acrylic stand, blade plug, a polycarbonate blade, rechargeable battery, a charging cable, all necessary hardware, and the customer support you’ve come to expect from the Level Up crew.

  • Slanty McStabby


    Important Note: Choosing a blade length other than 28″ or 36″ can delay preparation of your order. 

    The Mini-Menace is a double bladed saber design where you ignite both emitters simultaneously. The aesthetic is a scaled down version of The Menace. One button controls ignition and color change on both blades. This is an excellent saber for cosplay or training where you need the two sides to coordinate. This is also the shortest possible handle for a double bladed saber from our site.

    If you aren’t sure what length for your Xenopixel saber, we recommend 28″ blades


  • The Youngling


    The Youngling is an excellent saber for early lightsaber users. A lighter handled and blade, but still packed with the most important features. It has the durability to stand up to sabers marketed to that same age group. Without posing the same risks to household objects as other Level Up Sabers.

    Package includes: saber handle, hardware, charging cable, and blade.


    • Light Dueling
    • Button push color change
    • Blaster deflect sound trigger
    • Lock up sound and visual effect
    • Flash on clash visual effect
    • In hilt recharge
  • Master Alan Boost


    Only 66 available for a limited time! Featuring the new Xeno3-RGB electronics (compatible with the Xeno Configurator app)

    The Master Alan Boost is the preferred training saber of the limited edition Friendly Neighborhood Master Alan.

    The Master Alan Boost Contains: